Monday, April 11, 2016

Red Solo cups melt down into perfect disks.

Conan in North Korea

Bank robbers dress in aluminum foil from head-to-toe

Turkey asks Germany to prosecute comedian for insulting Erdogan

Dawn at Sunrise! Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA by Kirk Lougheed [1600 x 1067]

Skinned lion [x-post /r/natureismetal]

The taste of fine tequila.

Red Wings fan arrested in Boston after throwing octopus on ice

Go green

Sand diggers in a Congo quarry

Incredible waterfall found in Kučaj-Serbia[1280x720]

Cheryl Tunt was edited out of this Archer S7 poster (spotted in Toronto, Canada).

Great Driveway Layout

Worst pet ever

Python found at a Malaysian construction site could be world's longest snake

While driving I suddenly felt hungry like a wolf

Facebook Bots Are a Tough Sell After Microsoft Tay’s Racist Tirade

Dubai's Islamic authorities issue fatwa against WiFi theft

Baton Rouge woman arrested, hoped someone would find, raise child she left at store while she went to have sex

Goat breaks free, goes on Starbucks run in California

Gone with the wind

Have authentic korean BBQ they will be fresh they said

Tanker of Dr. Pepper

A letter my friend's elderly grandmother received. Disgusting election/donation tactics.

Prank caller tricks Burger King workers into smashing windows

120-pound Great Dane gets stuck in tree, Cass County emergency crews safely rescue

Passing the Vet's Office Today

The Window in Big Bend National Park, TX. [OC][1920x1281]

I was driving when I saw the sky turning crazy. Took the first exit and rushed to the closer beach. Totally worth it. Cape Cod, MA, USA [OC],[1600 × 1200]

A Starbucks barista wrote a savage message on a customer's cup

Every single time

Man Breaks Into D.C. Five Guys To Make Himself Burgers

Bank Robbers Wrap Up Head-To-Toe In Aluminum Foil For Heist

Man wearing jetpack hospitalized after falling 20 feet

Man Climbs Mountain to Propose on FaceTime, Saved with Chopper, Jailed for Meth

Saw this nightmare at an antique store

Found a great little waterfall hiking in the Gold Coast hinterland, QLD, Australia [4000 x 6000] [OC]

Vice president of jetpack company crashes to ground, suffers injuries, but hopes remain high

The best mime I've ever seen

The old lady across the street stared into my bedroom.

Photographer swims with massive anaconda

Sunrise at Bow Valley National Park [1800x1200]

Goat wanders away from home, goes on Starbucks run

Harry Potter: GCHQ 'intervened over Half-Blood Prince leak'

Despite ban, women take part in “I run Iran” marathon

College student films 'ghost' inside his dorm room

New Zealand has put its first coloured coins into circulation - the 50c piece is an homage to our fallen ANZACs

Vancouver Police dog learning to rappel with his partner

When she looked innocent, but then..

A super rat, the size of a small child, has been captured in the UK